Vinometer is your personal diary of structured tasting notes to record your sensory adventures. Use popular tasting templates, or just create your own.

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Enter your scores seamlessly

You can sip a delicious pinot noir with one hand while you rate its sensory qualities on the intuitive interface with the other.

Attaching Pictures

Attach as many pictures as you want to your tasting notes – make sure to get a shot of the label and its color in a clear glass.

Templates for every occasion

Whether you’re tasting wine in a class, at a festival, a food and drink pairing, scoring a competition or just casually imbibing, you’ll find templates for every event and occasion

Note Sharing

Say goodbye to digitizing your notes by hand, now you can edit and publish them online, attach images and then send them to yourself and your friends

Searching for notes

The days of hopelessly leafing through piles of notebooks and papers are over, all your notes are now safely tucked away in the app

Filter by your preferences

You can search effectively through your notes using complex filters such as sensory attributes (mineral furmint) or any other properties you’ve recorded (e.g. barrique 2013)


Vinometer adapts to you and your habits
It’s easy, beautiful and super fast

Vinometer allows you to take notes, rate and do what you do best in a completely new way. Creating and using your own personalized templates, allows you take notes based on the most important qualities for you or your audience.

Tasting notes

Keep objective and comparable tasting notes all in one place

Vinometer helps you save and manage your note collections. You can browse, structure and share with anyone around you both professionally or personally.


Search through your notes much more efficiently than if you’d taken notes on paper

You’ll never lose a single note again. And can easily find what you’re looking for when you search by name, event or even properties.


Get the right answers no matter how specific

By using the complex search and filter function you’ll be able to easily find any wine in your collection whether you’re sharing with others or just want to look up a memory.

Templates in Vinometer

You can browse through a continuously expanding library of score sheet templates. Learn how to grade with internationally renowned standards, wine bloggers’ criteria or properties which reflect everyday imbibement better.

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What methodology would you use to grade wine and other drinks?

Get in touch and share your tasting stories and best practices; tell us the advantages of your method. Let us know what system you use so we can make it available for you and the rest of the community. If you would like to bring someone else’s way of scoring in, let us know and we’ll contact them to add that template to the library.


Meet Vinometer

Meet Vinometer